• Homogenous, pair-wise distribution of load carriers on conveying paths
  • Uptake from multiple palletisers and transfer to central conveying path


Technical data:

  • Rotation function with four point moment bearing with external teeth
  • Controlled drive with SEW slip on gears and frequency converters
  • Fully zinc-coated roller guide with robust chain drive
  • Entire drive with robust flange wheels on crane rails
  • Minimum conveying height of 550 mm


Electro-technical data:

  • Position monitoring with end switches
  • Pallet monitoring with photo cells


Performance data:

  • Distribution speed 60 pallets/h in arbitrary order


Load carrier:

  • 800mm x 1200mm / 1000mm x 1200mm / 600mm x 800mm
  • Pallet height up to 2,200 mm
  • Drive power: 0.12 kW to 1.75 kW



  • Entire conveyor system from our company
  • Spare part service in 24-h